Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Zombi 2 aka Zombie (1979)

October Challenge Day 20:

I have FINALLY seen this film. Finally.

Last year it was selected for one of my October Challenge films but I never got a chance to see it. Good things come to those who wait...

Zombi 2 is top shelf zombie horror. Top. Shelf.

My Husband didn't care for it though - non horror movie loving fan that he is. But like many rare top shelf items, this one is also an acquired taste (pun intended/not intended). He mistakenly thought this was the type of horror movie you could talk through and make fun of. School him I try, but he simply can't figure it out. 

"No no no", I say, "Don't make fun of this scene, it's a really important one. It's serious."

He replies "But... but it doesn't make any sense, I mean - this isn't even possible -  "

"I know it doesn't make sense but now it's serious time and not funny time. Oh! Quiet now, this zombie is about to attack a shark! Very IMPORTANT SCENE. No laughing."

We're still working on the difference between the horror movies you love to make fun of and the horror movies you pay damn close attention to. I don't think he'll pass any tests soon but he's still being a good sport about it all. He has threatened me with a November full of poorly made documentaries and I think he might just throw in some cooking shows... there could be a new level first ever November Challenge in our near future....

This movie is great. 

Super great. Super gross. Super jaw-dropping. Super duper.

For so long I've heeded the warning about this movie's gore factory that I was almost disappointed. Almost. In my opinion, this movie did zombie gore Juuuuuuuuuuussssssst RiiiiiiiigggghT.

It's pretty straight to the point, full of surprises, alarming zombie effects, and slow death scenes that will have you CRINGE. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

I also can't help but feel there is an underlay of religious animosity going on here... just a little. I really enjoyed that as well - added a nice spice and extra kick to the story and zombie killing.

This is a sharp, clever and incredibly gross film. There is also a surprise hero, free-spirited nudity, a whip-smart end, and a surprising amount of goats (just for good measure). I absolutely understand why this film has topped many horror movie charts and is recognized as one of Fulci's best films.

Quick note: there is a Zombie vs. Shark scene in this movie. It. Is. MESMERIZING. Not Joking. I dare say it's beautiful, in the only way a pre-CGI zombie vs. shark scene can be.

If that statement doesn't spin your head a little then I don't know what will. 

Great movie for a group, so long as there is little talking. A lot goes on in the dialogue world here. Paris with drinks that have umbrellas in them. Put a couple little umbrellas in the raw steaks while you're at it. Goat cheese with spicy jams for appetizers.

I rented this movie from my local video store. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this alarming and well made feature.

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