Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kill List (2011)

October Challenge Day 7:

Today's movie picked has come highly recommended to me from several different sources. Time I take them up on their suggestions! Lucky number 7.

Although I'm not exactly sure what this movie is *really* about, the synopsis revolves around a disenchanted and depressed hit man who takes one last job, thus leading him and the viewers into a most certain dark heart of madness.

The rain has been coming down and the sky has a been a moody and turbulent gray all day. This seems most fitting for what I'm suspecting will be a psychological thriller meets madman blood bath.

I should add that I've been warned the ending is supposedly a Mind Blower. So much so that I won't be surprised if all the dead leaves in our patio end up on the other side the street.... I kid....sometimes...

Running off to the grocery store, going to get some dinner rolling, and then on to the movie! See you after the show!



I had this movie on my streaming Netflix queue! It was just there - I just saw it - I swear it!

Now it is gone.

Lucky #7... balls.

Well - new movie pick coming up quick!


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