Thursday, October 29, 2015

Metamorphosis (1990)

October Challenge Day 28:

Yesterday was a slightly hilarious Horror Habit October Challenge. We thought we'd be watching the 1990 Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor. What we ended up watching was the 1990 Metamorphosis.

I say "We" because I had the Lead Carpenter of the film (Alien Factor) over to the house to watch the movie with us! I even wrote up interview questions!

To make matters more interesting, our guest, David - although he worked on the film - never actually saw the movie in it's entirety AND the plots are rather similar (mad scientist begins conducting experiments on himself to devastating results). 

Here we were all huddled around the TV, anticipating when we'll see the sets that David built, then halfway through the film one of says, "I think we're watching the wrong movie".

Folks, we were watching the wrong movie.

There were warning signs. For instance the word "T-Rex" came up in the Amazon Video synopsis. David was all like, "I don't remember any T-Rex." 

Also, the film quality was pretty bad. David was all like, "I don't remember the film quality being this bad."

Finally, the plot started to wander all over the place and there were no signs of the story we were expecting.

Instead we saw a pretty terrible film. Terribly Entertaining! Oh this one is bad, folks. It's gaudy, the sound quality is awful, and the acting is .... interesting... 

1980's B-Movie fans, step right up!

I have to give some props to the dialogue, though. The writing here is engaging and builds nicely. Also, some of the cinematography is rather alarming. In all this was a bad film that was going places and it went the way of a T-Rex Man (which was weird and unexpected). 

We seriously did not think a T-Rex would show up. It did.

Although this was a pretty terrible film it was also surprising and not only in the We Didn't Plan To Watch This way. It honestly had some intriguing moments that kept us entertained and tuned-in.

We'll be watching the intended Metamorphosis film next week. Until then, I would advise checking out this particular film if you are a fan of mad scientists turning into dinosaurs... 

This movie pairs nicely with experimental dishes and a group of unsuspecting guests. 

I saw this movie on Amazon Prime Video. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this unintentionally hilarious feature.

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