Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Don't Look In The Basement (1973)

October Challenge Day 13:

I watched Don't Look In The Basement on my Kindle while getting some chores done in the kitchen.

Heads Up! This is not the film to be watching on your Kindle while getting some chores done in the kitchen!

I began this film thinking it would be a cheesy and fun gory classic. And it is... to a degree. Sorta. Kinda. Well, not really. What I ended up with was non stop Screaming and Total Chaos. Screaming. So much screaming and madness. And I'm here trying to organize a kitchen...

The screaming and chaos is applicable though - this story takes place in a mental institution where all is not what is appears be...

I have to say something though. It's not a spoiler and it might not be a surprise, but if the pretty young nurse had actually LOOKED in the basement first thing upon arrival at this "unconventional home for the insane" there would be no story. Just saying. I'm a little confused about the title.

In all I'm conflicted about the film. Sure sure, this is a great late night double feature or 1970's drive-in classic, but it's also not. It's really rather wrong on so many levels. I'm not sure if my conflicts about this film is because of my degree in Behavioral Science, my daily job in the health field, my cleaning the kitchen whilst watching this madness extravaganza, or if the screaming just got to me (there was so much!) but this film is not my favorite and yet it's a pretty good horror show. It's just so insane and totally off the wall.

It opens up with a small and shocking blood bath and ends with a low level depression blood bath. I'll sum it up with that...

Pairs with groups, preferably one where no one is really paying attention (this add to the already very present frustrating madness). Or watch alone, just not in the kitchen. Somehow the kitchen is just not the right setting. Living room will do just fine.

Pairs with juices in little juice cups and unidentifiable (but guaranteed nutritious!) food. If you can watch it in a room where the walls are stained and you can't quite figure out what the stains are or where they come from - all the better.

Now that I've prepared you, here is the full movie! Compliments of the Internet Archive.

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