Monday, November 25, 2013

She-Wolf Of London (1946)

Nothing says a classic 1940's film better than crazy ladies. It doesn't matter if the characters are actually crazy or not, they are ladies and therefore, likely crazy (or fickle, or jealous, or stupid, or money hungry - but ultimately need a man to sort things out).

At least that's what I thought this whole movie was about at the beginning - and it is for a quite a bit of this one hour film - but the end surprised me, just a bit. She-Wolf of London actually took a rather quick, sudden and very short-lived turn into the dark and sinister.

This is a good film for those who love the not-so-creepy black and white classics, with their quirky story lines and smirk-inducing dated material. This is also a great film to wined the night down with, or take a little break in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. A fine fine film to talk to (at) with a group of your best fellow 1940's 'horror' movie fans.

Check out the movie here, compliments of the Internet Archive, and see the delight for yourself:

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