Monday, July 18, 2016

OMG! Oh My Guts (Short Horror Film, 2016)

You guys, this year has been crazy for me. And I mean CRAZY. I mean downright unbelievably insane, heartbreaking, stressful, and jaw-dropping. Just when I have a moment to breathe, more inconceivable news comes slamming down the door with a battling ram that looks like it was forged by the Boltons.

There's good news though. This too shall pass. The crazy will stop and things will resume back to normal. In the mean time though I ask for no pity, only a lot of ice cold IPA beers, a healthy portion of everyone's lottery winnings, and a future that will make me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Which brings me to a devilishly hilarious little short horror film that Dima Levanchuk brought to my attention recently: OMG! (Oh My Guts).

Unbeknownst to Dima and crew, I watched this little film a day before I was scheduled for a fairly serious surgery. So imagine my much needed laughter bubbling up as this short opened in what appears to be an operating room. (My desire to laugh and laugh and laugh already well on it's way. Excellent).

Also unbeknownst to Dima and crew, this short was filmed across the street from my work place, and stars fellow Seattle residents! You guys, when it feels like your world is falling apart a little bit, coincidences like these just makes my heart happy. 

More things that make my heart happy: this short film was inspired in part by the meat section in a grocery store. 

You're my kind of people Dima Levanchuk and Hilary Gray. 

So, without further ado, please take 3 minutes out of your day to enjoy this gruesome sidesplitter. You'll thank me for it. I know I thank Dima and Hilary for it! Also, please take some time to read this write-up about the story, production, and crew:

See, your day is better already, isn't :)

Take care everyone! Thanks Dima and crew! And thanks for your patience while I machete my way through this mess that is 2016. Please have beers and winning lottery tickets ready when I come out the other side!

***Note - as of a couple hours ago, after I typed this up, I just received coloring books in the mail. Coloring books for adults. Coloring books with swear words. AND a coloring book dedicated to Game of Thrones!!! If winning lottery tickets are not immediately available I will happy accept swearing or GOT coloring books.***

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