Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Sin Reapers (2015)

It wasn't too long ago that the Forte brothers brought to my attention their Sin Reapers project. Check out my review of their pilot and other short film Anna, here! Since then they've created three more episodes to follow their innovative web series idea.

The Sin Reapers
Each episode is roughly 7 minutes long and is surprisingly jam-packed with an alarming amount of violent ideas and vengeful lust. I'm quite happy to see the direction this show is going - creeping away from the "Oh, that's pretty messed up" world into the "Oh man! Dying from strangulation by your own intestine! Savage!" world.

I think this collection of ideas so over the top they just might work mixed with the hate and frustration we all feel at being helpless, will do very nicely for the future of this series. The writing and dialog is interesting, invoking intense inner perspective while also being violently blunt and yet strained at times.  I had conflicted feelings about this - as I feel I know where they were going but the delivery of said dialog was not always as powerful as expected. 

After watching all four episodes a couple times I invited my non-horror loving Husband to watch them with me. "I just want to see how you react." I said, bringing him a beer. He cringed, tilted his head, looked away more than I thought, wasn't always impressed with the acting but made a point when he was, and at a couple scenes he asked me to pause the show "...to walk it off..." (he said and did). The content this series revolves around is very disturbing - too real world issues disturbing.  He found some of the scenes and topics alarmingly graphic and I feel many would feel the same. That said, I also think this is a sign of of a well-made horror show: tapping into what makes us most uncomfortable while also delivering a powerful, often times meaningful message. My Husband believes this can all be done through implying. I see his point but I also see where implying may not always work. I think the graphic nature worked here.

I've had a curious time trying to categorize or even pinpoint a crowd that would appreciate Sin Reapers (the main reason I asked my Husband to see it). I think that may be because there isn't one yet - or at the least it's in its own infant stages of cult. One could say this series is going through growing pains but in all the right directions. To be perfectly honest, I've grown quite attached to this show and I'm looking forward to where it goes. I hope to see it continue to monopolize on it's strengths (story line, graphic tough subjects, innovation) and hone in on it's acting and delivery. 

Last but not least, I've also come to appreciate the ghostly make-up of the spirits. At this point it feels like a signature and it would be a shame to change it now. I don't totally understand it, but again, if it was changed I would be disappointed.

Keep it up you guys, keep it up everyone. You've got a great subject and a great way to relay it. I look forward to seeing more. It's captivating and have not seen anything quite like it.

You see all episodes (and more!) on their Forte Films Entertainment YouTube page, but to get you started on the first of a series of three I present Ciara:

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