Friday, May 26, 2017

The Drain (Short Horror Film)

Writer and director, Collin Blair, brought this delectable little morsel of a horror film to my attention recently, much to my delight.

The Drain is a nine minute clip about a lonely man and his talking tub. Folks, I simply love these types of stories. Horror in the elements of the absurd and madness, clever in all shapes and forms, while still packed in a very limited amount of time.  Everyone wins (except for the man talking to his tub...perhaps).

In any case, I wanted to bring this particular short horror film to everyone's attention because it's brilliant AND I thought (if you're looking for more of the same) some might like to make it a dangerous objects short horror film double feature with: Attack of the Killer Sock!

Both dark humor shorts deal with somewhat similar subjects, but I personally found them remarkable in their use of space, actors, cinematography, topic - particularly with the focus on solitude - and narrative twists.

So do yourself a favor and checkout The Drain, and if you're in the mood for more, Attack of the Killer Sock.

Thanks again, Collin and team!