Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You're Next (2011)

So I decided to take myself out to see this movie at a ehhh, getting run-down theater in a famously sketchy neighborhood. Why? I DON'T KNOW.

I simply decided it would be a good idea. And my middle name is Danger. And it was a Sunday.

You're Next turned out to be an excellent movie choice for this particular random decision. When I got out of the theater I was ready for hand-to-hand combat (especially since the sun was going down and I had to wait for the bus home for 40 minutes). That said, I decided to call my Husband instead and stay on the phone with him until the bus arrived. But Still - I was ready for anything. [roundhouse kick]

This is a fun movie. Really fun, really gross, surprisingly dark-humored, and well written.

I suspected things early on in the film so the ending - for me - was not super duper surprising, but it was still very entertaining and quite the adrenaline rush. I glanced over a Seattle Times review that said the movie got better as the characters died off. I have to agree. Although I thought the movie was good from the beginning, it became, dare I say, better as people died. What a really terrible thing to say, I know. I think the format and development of You're Next, the characters, and the release the audience experiences as the (initial) killers are killed speaks a lot about ourselves as a nation, community, culture, and as individuals. Primarily: why is this entertainment?

I suppose you can take this film in two hands. In one hand you have a self defense blood bath story, while in the other you have an underdog who never quite fit in but kicks ass when the pressure is on. You're cheering while blood is getting on everything. Do with that what you will.

...and suddenly I'm thinking of gladiators, lions, Christians...

In any case, ultimately, I'd say this movie is a story as old as time: It satisfies the vengeful blood-lust in all of us, calls out the underdog cheer from the not-so-evil side of our nature, and makes every socially awkward family situation you've ever been in look good.

Recommended pairing: well, I ate an entire large bag of popcorn. Not sure how that happened but there you go.

PS: This entertaining dance-around-the-living room-in-just-your-socks song will never be the same for you:

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