Monday, September 30, 2013

October Challenge vol. 2 Movie Madness Begins Tomorrow!

It's that time of year again! Where I, for absolutely no good reason what-so-ever, will watch and review a horror movie everyday in the month of October. It's also the second anniversary of Horror Habit [back pat].

I've got help this year, however. My brother will watch and a review a movie on the dates that I'll be blacksmithing. That's right folks, I blog and forge steel. Why? Because awesome.

I stopped into my favorite local movie store again today, to get my movie watching madness and mayhem started (and to pay some late fees).

The gems picked out already:

  • Wendigo (simply not enough wendigo horror movies out there...)
  • Alice, Sweet Alice (because I've always wanted to see Brook Shields in a horror movie)
  • Some Guy Who Kills People (picked this one up based on the title alone)


But I've learned a lot since last year's challenge. Namely:

  1. Typing is hard after a bottle (2?) of wine.
  2. Some foods just don't sit well with gore.
  3. My husband is really, no, I'm serious - please don't make me watch this movie sweet pea, not a horror movie fan.
  4. Horror movies can not answer all of life's questions - just most of them.
  5. Watching a horror movie every day is a sweet, sweet challenge.

I look forward to spending another year sharing stories with you!

Happy October!

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