Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sandcastle Pictures' Feature Debut!

You guys you guys you guys! Hey you guys!

Let's step away from horror movie watching for a moment and talk a little bit about horror movie making. 

So, Vancouver, BC based Sandcastle Pictures hit me up on Twitter today, asking me to spread the word on the creation of their first feature film! I must say, they've created a very clever and compelling campaign. 

Their IndieGoGo page is informative, fun, full of excitement, and I'm rooting for them all the way. They won me over immediately with the following statement: 

"We also know horror fans are some of the most passionate people in the world, and it is our hope to rally you to our cause, which is to make a kick ass movie that promises to terrorize, while telling a good story with important themes!"

Oh hell yeah I'm passionate! Promises to terrorize while telling a good story with important themes? Get out of my head, Sandcastle Pictures! Just kidding. You can stay there with the rest of my treasured and well labeled What I Love About A Horror Movie files.

Seriously people, you can be a part of this movie - just check out their fundraising page and see for yourself:

I've already started poking my movie making brother (and fellow blog contributor, Matthew Bergman) with a digital stick this morning about the campaign. He's probably not up yet, but continue poking I shall because that's what siblings who are passionate about movies do to each other.

So check this endeavor out, everyone! Be a part of it, watch it grow. Good luck Sandcastle Pictures and I'll be seeing you soon!


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