Thursday, March 26, 2015

Animal (2014)

So there we were, cozy on the couch, 8:30 on a week night. I turned to my Husband and said "We can still fit in a movie!"

This was a race against time because, like a robot, I completely shut down at 10:15 PM.

While quickly scanning the latest movies in Netflix, Mike shouted out - "That one! We just need to pick something - so pick that one!"

To my great surprise, the non-horror movie fan picked Animal.

To my greater surprise, I was all, "Meh." I figured this would be another terrible film about idiot teens camping in the woods and then they are all (but one) dead.



It's also awesome.

First of all, these teens are smarter than your average slasher flick. They might even be 20. Also, there are a few new twists in character development that made me think, "Wait - what? Why Hasn't This Been Done Before!? 'Bout damn time."

And then there is the monster - the animal. 

It is scary, it is fast, it is new, it is gruesome, it is loud, and it is up in your grill all the time. This movie is not at all shy about showing you what everyone is up against. I believe that made this a super fast-paced gore fest.

That all said! I did complain a little about some of the decisions the characters made (but honestly, what teen slasher flick doesn't have this?) Thinking about it later though, I suspected this writing was on purpose. There are some frustrating moments but they are played just right that it very well may force you to sit on the edge of your seat, even if you are not already. I tip my hat to you writers. Well played. 

There is a healthy dose of campy moments, but also at least 12 full cans of whoop ass, perhaps even an extra 40 ouncer for the last few scenes. 

This is a great film for a large group of people. This is, of course, also a fun one for just two of you - on a late weekend evening or early weeknight. Not for the young ones though - this monster is sure to give the little ones some nightmares. Or, if someone does not dig honestly frightening monster movies, this might not be a good one. Pumpkinhead fans might just love it.

Recommended pairing. Really really cheep beer (Bud Lite) or really really fancy beer (something brewed by a monk would be good). Maybe even gigantic protein shakes - if you're into that thing for some reason. Food: trail mix, fancy energy bars, or sandwiches. Turn off the lights, if possible watch in a cabin. If not, put some plants in your house.

Strap on for a wicked ride.

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