Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Driller Killer (1979)


How my dream about being a reindeer who spied on people lead me to D.A Metrov's Anatomy of a Werewolf which lead directly to the cult classic film The Driller Killer.


Okay, so here was my dream last night. Short version. I was in a children's theater - I accidentally walked on stage when I didn't think there was a play going - only to realize that I walked on stage right on queue to perform my part as the sneaky reindeer who spied on people. What? Yeah.

In the dream, later, I saw an actress who had a battered, tattered, beat-up copy of a book in her pocket titled "Anatomy of a Werewolf by Anonymous". It was light purplish - I got the distinct impression that it was a self published book from the 1970's.

Woke up.

On the bus ride to my office job I decided to see if this book actually existed. AND IT DOES. In the book the anonymous actor, artist, director, etc., character apparently talks about his experience during the 1970's  in the artist world. The actor, artist, director, etc., author (D.A. Metrov) also had several hands behind the cult classic film The Driller Killer.



After this dream I knew what had to be done. I had to watch The Driller Killer.

This movie is a nightmare in many forms.

The film quality is bad, the writing so-so, the actors terrible (OR not really acting....drunk? High? Completely and Totally Wasted?). But the story line is mighty interesting.

In all, an up-and-coming but struggling star artist finds himself in the nightmare world of the New York art, music, drug scene of 1979 with a handy electric drill in his hands, And there you have it. Artist looses his mind (drugs, drugged girls, money, New York?) and well, decides to solves things with this mighty durable electric drill.

This movie is dream-like, actually. More nightmare, but still dream-like. There is no one to like, no one to sympathize with, and you kinda want to slow-mo punch everyone in the face (but you miss or don't have the strength).

Or is that just me?


This movie is a cult classic because it's a shit show. A shit show with a dark, dirty, and horribly misspent youth cast. If you've ever wondered why someone would say "Youth is wasted on the young" then see this film. I was born when this film came out - currently I'm sipping a fancy beer on the couch, lounging in my PJs, having recently discussed the quality of a shepherds pie, now watching this film with scorn and admiration. What does that say about me, my dream, this film?

I Have No Idea. Open to suggestions.

My husband is tolerant of this film because I was so adamant about watching it. He's a good, patient man. I don't think he's going to let this one down though.

Watch this film with friends - preferably wasted friends. Overdub the dialog with your own commentary. But also appreciate the commentary!  Best served with PBR, little to no food, and electrical cords that lead to nowhere. Watch with an open mind and a lot of patience.

I have no idea where this inspirational dream came from. I wish I had better answers as to why it spawned my watching such a strange film. Sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, I just have no idea. Bless it all the same.

But here - here it is. See for yourself. In all it's glory - courtesy of the Internet Archive. I present: The Driller Killer

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