Saturday, May 30, 2015

Late Phases (2014)

I find good werewolf flicks hard to come by. They seemed to have had a heyday in the 1980's and then dwindled into the weird and unforgiving Meh world where found footage films are fast approaching.

So I was intrigued by the cover of this small budget gem, and it was Sunday afternoon, and I wasn't getting out of my pajamas.

Late Phases is a lovely and haunting werewolf film. Although it could be argued that it's not the best in the industry, it's sure to stick with you long after you've watched it.

There are a couple different elements other than a Werewolf that makes this a creeptastic show.

First, the movie takes place in a gated community. I'm not sure about you but gated community's freak me out. Why the gates, honestly? Is it meant to keep people in or out? Is it just for show or do the gates have some magical power? Are they a symbol of protection and if so why are there locks on the doors? I'm CONFUSED .... and frightened ...

Second, a blind Vietnam Veteran moves into Mr. Roger's nightmare neighborhood and he is not afraid of anything. Why is this scary - because anyone who not afraid of anything can be a little scary. Especially if that person is blind and has a huge stash of guns (in a gated community).

Third, the church plays an uncomfortably large role on the influence of the neighborhood. So you have a gated community, a blind man with guns, everyone's into the whole church thing, and there's a werewolf running around. [makes in a singsong voice] Sounds Like A Recipe For Disaster For Everyone!

Things that make this movie great and worth your while:

  • A bit of a complicated and delicate setting.
  • It might make you sad when you least expect it.
  • Unique werewolves.
  • The werewolves stand on their legs (this always gets me, seriously. Werewolves standing on their legs. Nope nope nope).
  • The transformations are pretty awesome.
  • It doesn't exactly end like you think it will.

Now that said, my brother did not like the werewolves. He thought they were a little on the "cheap" side. I see where he's coming from and I raise him Originality. Sure sure, these wolves are no Dog Soldiers, but they're also lot better than many I've seen.

So keep your mind open about the werewolves themselves and just let the slow, creeping, and stark atmosphere this movie invokes smother you in your movie watching experience.

I think I'd watch this one again and not on a bright Sunday afternoon. This one will work very nicely on a cold, nasty night alone or with a very small group of quiet and dedicated viewers. This movie requires your full attention.

Recommend pairings:

Cold soup, sipped. Watch on furniture that's seen its best days decades ago. Periodically scan the room for possible weapons against a werewolf attack - then realize you have nothing and recline in disrepair and accept your fate.

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