Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Horror Habit Is Now on the Roku!

Greetings everyone!

With the holidays approaching, I thought I might stop and give thanks to Roku.

Thank you, Roku, for providing so many awesome video streaming channels. A big, huge, gigantic thank you for allowing me the opportunity to create my very own channel! And thank you very much Instant TV Channel for teaching me how to do it!

Also, thank you so much friends and family, of course, I love you so much too. Tons of thank yous to all who have put up with my ridiculous excitement about my very own Roku channel. No, seriously, I love all you guys. You are the best!

The Roku Horror Habit Channel is up and alive! Look - see, see, see here!

This channel will be streaming some of my favorite movies, and I'll be changing the content once a month. Movies will continuously play once you've started the channel, and should you leave the channel during a showing (so long as it's in the same month), it will pause the film for your return. If you want to skip a film, simply click on the Forward button.

To see what's showing in the month, check out the My Roku TV Guide link in the side bar to see what's currently available.

I am so excited about this channel. The possibilities! And yet, it is also a work in progress so expect changes in look and design. In all, expect more awesome.

Thank you everyone! Thank you for supporting me, Horror Habit, and my never-ending exploration into the unknown projects. I enjoy them so much, and I hope you do too.


  1. plz make it to where we can view the list of films u have on it cuz i love my slasher movies and found footage itll get annoying if i have to skip cuz i tried the foward it only wibds it forwardly but slow id rather it have a list of the films like netflix and other streaming channels. be like that so we can watch pur favorites aswell plz

    1. Hi BrettJanovich15, you bring up a good question about why my channel is setup the way it is. HorrorHabit is not setup like Netflix and many other Roku streaming channels because I only have 9 movies showing at any given time. Additionally, I wanted to emulate more of a television channel rather than VOD. This provide viewers a chance to see something they might not normally seek out on their own, and I personally enjoy this format. :)

      The list of movies showing on my channel, and in the order in which they are showing, can be found on my Horror Habit Roku TV Guide here:

      I'm sorry you're finding the forward option too slow. On my remote I just have to hit the Forward three times and it takes me to the end of a movie in a matter of seconds.

      I hope this information was helpful, and thanks for posting!

  2. Jolie Bergman
    I love this channel
    I watch it all the time
    My TV is on all the time and
    I let it loop and eventually watch all the shows.
    I love the older stuff.
    Thank you SO much for all your hard work