Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Challenge 2015: Recap


This was a GREAT October Challenge! Not only did I not fall asleep in the middle of a single movie, but there were no terrible movies! Every film was entertaining.

This has never happened. 

To top it all off, there was beautiful Fall weather to play in, Mike's super fantastic 40th birthday, a few hilarious adventures, and a record breaking 2,500 views. Amazing.

Although all amazing, I want to take a moment to recognize the fallen tributes that did not make the October Challenge movie watching list this year, due to time constraints:

Stitches  and  Kill List

May the odds be better in your favor next year.

I'd also like to recognize the Big Bottle o'Blood that was finally emptied after 6 years of trusted use. Dear: Big Bottle o'Blood, thank you for helping me terrorize my friends and family all these years, and getting me out of some sticky last minute Halloween costume fiascoes. You've been a good, disgusting, non-toxic, and easy to clean-up friend. I will miss you.

Today I've updated all my horror movie lists and pages - be sure to check out the latest and greatest there, and thanks again for a really great October Challenge, everyone. It was the best yet, and I appreciate you joining me on it's 4th annual run.  

Until next time - as I'll be taking about a month break - peace, love, and gore, 

Sincerely, Lizzie/Horror Habit/Jolie

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