Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conjoined (2013)

Ah.... comedic horror. Those gems in the movie world that not only split heads but also the sides. I love them so much.

Joe Grisaffi, the director of this goretastic sidesplitter, contacted me recently and asked if I would be interested in reviewing this independent fun fest. After a quick glance at the story line, how could I not see Conjoined?

Internet dating leads one lonely man to the woman of his dreams, except dream girl is a conjoined twin to a serial killer sister. What could possibly go wrong?!?! I would say, oh, just about everything.

I spent the entirety of this film laughing, laughing so much sometimes that I had to rewind things just a bit to catch-up on all the wit. This is a dry, dark, hilarious film. Dark in the subject matter, for a lovey dovey couple trying to navigate their happiness all while tied to a sociopath, is a laughing matter only well done comedic horror can pull off. This movie is wrong, folks. Some things are just really really really wrong here. And by wrong I mean so so right. My Husband informed me several times that I: "Have a dark frame of mind...".

And then the end happened.

My actual reaction to the climatic end.
This story went from hilarious wrong to Oh My God they went there. I can't tell you where, as it will spoil the fun, but I can assure you it's rather "shocking". 

With the very sharp and smart use of a small cast, effective settings, minimalist sets, and a whip-smart script, Conjoined is your answer to new level hilarious horror. Very fun, very wrong, very right and well worth your time.

Pairs with red wine all over the place, or experimental beers from a local brewery. Gather a group, collect the snacks (preferably something messy, think Cheetos), and prepare to laugh as the blood bath begins.

The director and team were kind enough to share this movie with me. If you have a Roku then you can see this film now on the Independent Network Channel. Or use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this very fun, absurd, and delightfully evil film.

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