Sunday, December 1, 2019

Podcasts I Love: Strange Brau Radio

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Although I'm a horror movie reviewer, I also do other things, like eating, sleeping, and listening to podcasts.

I have decided to share some of my favorite podcasts because I love them and I also have an alarming amount of people in my life who have said, "I don't know how podcasts work".

I ride the bus everywhere (headphones on), have an office job (headphones on), walk around and avoid people (headphones on), so I listen - a lot. I used to listen to a lot of music but now I'm hooked on podcasts and audio books. Not sure what this means.

So I'm going to kick off my first podcast review with a podcaster who recently interviewed me! I'm specially focusing on this podcast because it's right up Horror Habit's alley and anyone who follows my blog will likely enjoy this podcast. Let me introduce you to: Strange Brau Radio!

If you missed my Twitter and Facebook posts about this interview, you can listen to it here or catch it on YouTube here.

Now, I am very much a paranormal fan (more shout-outs for those podcasts coming up), but what I'm probably less known for is as a fan for all other creatures of the weird. For example, I'm particularly afraid of werewolves.


I've also been living in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years (officially a member?) and so, obviously, aware of Sasquatch. Sasquatch and camping.

While camping in the heart of Sasquatch Cascade Mountains territory years ago, a few friends and I were just settling down after getting tents up and a fire set, when we heard a sound that FROZE ME TO THE GROUND. It was a yell/howl/cry that I'd never heard before. We were next to a mountain cliff so the echo made it more terrifying. After listening to a few of it's cries, I screamed:

"It's fucking Bigfoot!"

I was wild with fear for a while. Beer helped calm things down. Beer and friends saying "You know, it's probably a mountain lion." (For the record, knowing a mountain lion is hunting you/around you is not helpful.). But it was then - I'd always believed in them but never paid much attention - when I put Sasquatch in the nope folder.

Let's welcome again Tobe Johnson, team, and Strange Brau Radio!

If you are a fan of all things weird, supernatural, and especially Sasquatch stories, you need to check out this podcast and you absolutely need to keep an eye out for the Owl Moon Lab! This is both a project and a location in Oregon that is documenting Sasquatch sightings. With an enormous amount of evidence (1,400 hours of audio clips!!!!), a book, and a documentary coming out, Sasquatch fans must not miss Owl Moon Lab and it's work.

For crying out loud, one of the audio clips caught is being used by the Travel Channel for their Expedition Bigfoot show. Check it out here (and feel free to scream out loud after hearing it. I did):

I think the social world of the weird is small - we're a solid collection of delightful, curious, weirdos and I'd like to consider Strange Brau, Owl Moon Lab, and Horror Habit of the same family. This is yet another reason I want to give more shout-outs for similar podcasts - we're a weird, wonderful family and lovers of strange phenomena should be aware of all (the love).

If you're looking for a podcast about mysteries, the paranormal, and curious creatures, be sure to check out Strange Brau Radio and keep up with the work of Owl Moon Lab! In fact, if you want to learn a tremendous amount about Tobe, Owl Moon Lab, and Sasquatch, then you should absolutely check out this November 21st interview from Midnight In The Desert radio broadcast.

...going to be checking this radio show out more too....

Stay strange, friends! And keep an eye out for future Podcasts I Love (they're all going to be weird and paranormal...). Cheers!

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