Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The ABCs of Death (2012)

I'm glad I waited to watch this film.

I'm glad I waited until I could watch it with a group of some of my most favorite ladies. I'm glad it was their idea to watch it.

If  had I chosen to watch this on my own, or have it on in the background (first time "watching") then I would, hands down, not have the same review as I do now.

This film is something else. SomeThing Else, I tell you what. I read somewhere that this was an "...ambitious..." project. I agree. It was both ambitious and a project. It had many rewards as well as WTFs, but I'm grateful for watching it in the setting that I had so I could experience the group/collective idea that it is.

This is by no means A movie. It's 26 short films by 26 different writers and directors and actors. Please keep that in mind when watching it. There is a big difference between the two expectations.

But let me step back a moment and relay the setting I was in (because I think it makes a difference). My friends invited me over for a BBQ night. My burlesque dancing queen hosted and grilled the meat, spiced zucchini, and sewed away at a dainty costume all evening, my Paris-bound friend shared her sparkling wine, cigarettes, and pictures of her youth, and my obstacle-course-mad-running-world-domination friend relayed her hilarious expertise on how to not to talk to people stories. A great time was had by all. I was so happy to be there and I was excited to see this film with them (full consensus to watch it, by the way). I share this setting because I think it is important to know that I approached this movie with a gathering of people, all with a wide spectrum of ideas, experience, and different views of the world and the horror therein.

And that made all the difference.

Some shorts in the ABCs of Death collection crossed so many lines that I found myself in an Escher painting living nightmare and wanting to throw-up. Some were so clever I wanted to pinch everyone's cheeks and high-five the TV. While others were so dark and true that we all sat in sad silent for a while. A collection was gross that we all covered eyes and ears, and yet another group was so absurd and silly that they became the bathroom break periods.

Our emotions to these little escapades were so intense that had to make a game out of it (something I highly recommend). The title of the film doesn't show up until the end of the short. So try and guess the title! You have one hint - the title begins with a letter of the alphabet. You're welcome. Don't worry, you'll catch on quick. I got 4 out of 26. I got the most and tied with another...

This film is not for everyone. It requires a lot of wise adult attention and a lot of wise adult comical relief. Absolutely do not watch with non-horror movie fans. Non-horror movie fans will simply not understand and reprimand time lost (and ultimately turn them away further from horror movies).

Highly recommended for social workers, mathematicians and scientists, good movie aficionados, those who fear the toilet and not afraid to say so, artists, and friends.

Couples well with anything related to the idea of Fall, such as the last summer BBQ, non-white shoes, cozening up with a fine wine, and warm chocolate chip cookies.

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