Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Baby (1973)

I don't think a movie like this can be made in the U.S.A. anymore.

The 1970's cult classic went above and beyond what I like to call, "everyday horror" with gingerly speed and shocking blatancy.

In The Baby, the everyday horror is child abuse. Not a subject to treat lightly or portray as a source for good entertainment. That said, I feel this movie did a good job of relaying the twisted logic behind the characters' mind sets (which make this a horror movie) without disregarding the seriousness for the viewers to take home, once the movie was over.

Although it is now considered a cult classic, it's not the kind you'd want to laugh your way through. Yet, there are several jaw-dropping moments that will tickle the 'thank goodness we're not in the '70s anymore' bone - especially for the ladies. I also wasn't sure if the story line was trying to make a point of how 'insane' women got without a man in their life, or if this was a simply a movie about a collection of straight up insane people. I've not come to a firm conclusion, but there is a good party of me that still thinks this might actually be a little bit of a moralistic tale about how Women's Lib ruined 'merica.

I Could Be Wrong! But still, the feeling lingers.

This is a very good, twisted, all sorts of wrong, movie - but it's a difficult movie to watch at moments. The ending was a surprise, not exactly a pleasant one, but a surprise all the same.

Watch with friends who work in the social services field.

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