Monday, March 17, 2014

Daywalt Horror: Bedfellows (2010)

Hello hello hello, what do we have here?

Horror movies that really know how to tie in the classic with the modern so as to make a truly horrifying story?


That's how it's done folks. Movies/books/tales of all kind are truly horrifying when they tap into our mundane everyday AND into the future.

So, while my husband and I were out and about today, sipping a pint and showing off tee-shirts he made for the St. Patrick's Day festivities/everyday:

Tee-Shirt Drawing

We ran into an old friend that had no idea I had a horror movie blog, and yet our friend begins to tell us about a "super scary!" horror movie short he stumbled upon on Youtube.

I leaned across the bar, ".....

No, he's absolutely serious. It's very scary and we should check it out. A short time later, with our pints empty and coats put on, I tell him I'm going to check out said scary film and talk about it on my blog. At which point he stared at me with a blank face and I realized that maybe it's been too long since we actually talked about what's happening in our lives rather outside our lives. To be continued.

15 minutes later I'm home and locate the much hyped movie short: Bedfellows.

I tip my hat to you, sir Daywalt. Well done, well done. My only complaint is that the credits are nearly as long as the movie, but I recognize this as only a pet peeve and I do not work in the movie business. I have the same complaint about books where the Acknowledgement section is greater than 2 pages. It's just me, I think - I don't yet know where it comes from.

In any case, Daywalt horror, especially Daywalt's Bedfellows, is able to capture a truly horrific (and long lasting) experience in a matter of seconds and I have no doubt it will stick with you for years to come. You've been warned. 

This particular short movie excels in showcasing one of our darkest nightmares and it's all thanks to a cell phone call. Classic + Modern = Awesome. I look forward to watching more of these shorts, so stay tuned for additional updates about what I see as a new star in the horror movie business: Daywalt Horror. Hammer, you should be proud. 

Recommended pairing: a small handful of your favorite treats, a drink that makes you sleepy, and all the lights out...

Now, if you're ready for it, you can see Bedfellows here: 

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