Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Forgotten One (1989)

This movie has caused quite a stir in my family over the decades.

My first introduction to The Forgotten One in the early '90s was accidental and pivotal. Someone rented it from the movie store - probably my older brothers. We all watched it over and over again until it was due to be returned.

At the time I was a bit confused by the very adult content (sex, confusing relationships) that supported the film's story line. However, this created an aura of mystery for me that became so strong, it still comes back even as I watch it as an adult and understand the context. It was also because of this mysterious adult content that I was ushered out of the room when the scenes became a little too intense, this helped with the aura building.

And then someone taped a copy of the movie.

We watched the film until the tape nearly wore itself out.

I managed to procure this beat-up taped tape and tucked it away into my dust-covered VHS collection. Tucked away so well, actually, that it became forgotten.

Many years went by and I find it once again, wipe away the dust, and pop it into my TV/VHS combo system. There it sat...forgotten. That is, until after I donated the TV/VHS set - with the forgotten movie inside. Sad and mad at myself for loosing this beloved movie that I forget I loved so much, I began a search for a DVD.

There is no DVD for the US. In fact, as of today I'm not aware of this film being printed anymore.

Years later I stopped beating myself up about the loss and stumbled upon a used copy for sale at Amazon for $1.00. I jumped at the sale and then jumped again when it arrived in the mail. Looking at Amazon now it appears the prices for this VHS tape has now jumped to $29.50 - WHAT?

Back to the review:

The last bit of family drama that has been tied in with this film was when I tried to make my husband watch it, now that it was back in my possession.

He did not like the film. I was offended. For years this was a family classic, a fond memory, a hard fought treasure, and he didn't like it. We fought. Made up. Fought a little bit more. I petted the movie cover and told it that everything was going to be alright (I didn't really do that, but it's something that I would do.)

You'll love this movie if:

You have fond memories of it. Love classic ghost stories. Love ghost stories that don't scare the pants off you and give you nightmares. You kind of dig a love story. You're passionate about Boulder, CO history. Love spooky stories told around the camp fire. Digging for local history. Pianos. You simply like damn good ghost stories. Curling up to the couch and watching a slightly creepy-crawly spine chiller on a cold dark night. Ghost stories with sad happy endings.

You won't love this movie if:

You have a problem with Kristy McNichol. Don't like Kristy McNichol's acting. Don't like reporters with closed minds. Slow moving movies. You could care less about Boulder, CO history. Romance in movies bothers you.  Don't like ghost stories that require thinking. Or simply don't like spooky movies (like my husband - no matter how much his wife does, there's just no convincing).

Recommended pairing:

Candle light dinner (with yourself or others), or a bottle of whiskey while soaking in the tub. Favorite dinner staple from your adolescence. Sexy clothes to lounge in.

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