Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trollhunter (2010)

This movie has been in my Netflix queue for - oh - ever. No good reason why I've not taken the time to watch it, no good reason at all. Therefore I needed no good reason to watch it today! Which I did!

Trollhunter, what a surprising serious side-tickler of a movie. Filmed first person style with all the camera movement of a Blair Witch project, this little Norwegian gem is sure to please most Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy lovers. Some of my favorite elements was all the omnipresent growling. EH GADS! Get's me every time, growling - always sends chills up my spine and goosebumps down my arms. Fun fun!

This film focuses heavily on build-up to an unseen beast, so I can understand why some people liked the film until things were made clear. I get it, I also was a little taken back for a short while, but soon I was sitting back and enjoying the clever entertainment. Which Trollhunter is. It's a clever take on legend and making the mysterious appear to be your normal everyday ordinary government cover-up - horrifying having trolls roaming about of course - but that combined everyday ordinary is part of the horror.

My only complaint are the bears. I'd like to think they would have done a better job with them. If you watch this movie then you'll know what I'm talking about. BUT that is also part of the serious side-tickler I referred to earlier.

This is a fun film for the serious movie fans and the not-so-serious. This is a great film if you love legends, appreciate a well played veterinarian, have always been fascinated by bad ass hermits, or really get a kick out of good growling in movies.

Recommended pairing: aquavit, lingonberries, perhaps a little Havarti cheese, and snuggled up in a warm couch.

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