Monday, April 28, 2014

Angel Heart (1987)

Sat down with my husband yesterday and we both had a good long talk about when we be acting all crazy. Lack of sleep, long days, busy schedules, and simply not feeling well can create a mighty hot soup to boil some bad blood in.

Everyone has their crazy moments, and sometimes it is justified as well as a much needed release. So long as it doesn't go to far or too long - then it becomes destructive. Personally, I'm a big fan of sitting in the tub, smoking, and singing as badly as possible until the good cry comes on. My husband is a big fan of sitting in the tub, playing his musical instruments and singing at the top of his lungs until he's too exhausted to be angry anymore. These are some of our little crazy moments and how we exorcise the demons that spawned them.

Yesterday, however, instead of bathing we made constructive peace with our angry sides fairly quickly and chilled out for the rest of the day. I know our landlord will be happy that we didn't use up so much water, and we were pretty darn proud of ourselves for being logical, helpful to each other adults while a wave of temporary madness passed through.

Which brings me to last night's movie that may or may not have been a good idea.

I've been eyeing the Angel Heart cover for a little while. My husband saw it many years ago and all he could remember was the sex scene, which is fairly graphic and nearly earned it an X rating. For some odd reason I decided Angel Heart would be the movie to watch on a lovely Sunday evening.

With me hunkered down on the Lazy Boy and my Husband crashed on the couch, I was ready for some good detective work with a mighty spooky paranormal twist. I got just that - and a cold, clammy feeling by the end of the film.

Angel Heart did crazy, madness, and suffering very well. They also didn't convince me that religions are a good idea. I already knew this - seeing organized religions as pretty creepy social projects already, this movie did not help matters at all.

This film also surprised me quite a bit. They went there in this film, in fact they went all over the place and none of it is good. If you enjoy films that tap into your craziest nightmares then this would be good one. If you enjoy films about Satanism, Voodoo, madness, and sex - this would be a very good one for you.

I enjoyed the film but I don't need to see again anytime soon. Like I said earlier, by the end of the movie I was a cold, clammy mess. This one will not make you feel good by the end. May induce some upset stomachs and an ache in your heart. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of religious horror - we've already got enough of that in the world. For me, perhaps this was simply not the right movie to watch after triumphing over a little madness and damnation in my own little sphere... or maybe it was just the right movie to watch. Let's just say I watched sweet, fluffy lovey stuff before I went to bed last night.

Recommended pairing: chicken - cooked anyway you like, hard-boiled eggs, and red wine (be sure to spill it everywhere for full effect). Throw a bit of salt over your shoulder, to taste.

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