Monday, April 7, 2014

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful Sunday - full of laughs, hugs, and kisses with your loved one. As the day progresses so does the joy. Chores are done with glee, cooking projects mastered, leisure time is enjoyed peaceably.

And then...

This actually happened to me. Yesterday. I'm still not sure what transpired exactly but a total and complete meltdown of a part of our universe occurred because of a misunderstood comment on social media.

Still stunned, and after a few hours of wandering around the house in disbelief, I dried my eyes, satisfied how my nerve-induced hives had calmed down, and my Husband and I went for a walk. A whole two blocks to the nearest bar.

We saddled up and ordered two of the most potent IPAs on tap. That's when we witnessed a total and complete meltdown of cinematic sanity: A Boy and His Dog.

We couldn't hear a word coming from the big screen looming over our heads, but we didn't need to - and I'm not entirely sure I wanted to. The lack of sound make this movie far more horrifying.

A patron, sitting next to my Husband, began asking us questions about the Crazy Town happening on TV. My mouth agape and eyes wide may have been viewed as excitement about a beloved classic rather than experiencing some sort of  full body opposite day mind meld (which was happening). My reply to the fellow confused was: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON!

The movie: There's a young man who can telepathically communicate with his dog, people with clown faces EVERYWHERE, lines and lines and lines of insane brides, complete and total destruction of the world as we know it, uncomfortably slow chase scenes, nasty ass mattresses, you know - nightmares in all forms.

The kicker: these movie scenes are not all that far off from how our real-life day turned out. (really not really)

The movie ended, our day was done, and I laid awake in bed for several hours that night wondering what the hell just happened to the world.

Do not watch this movie if you are looking for answers for why people act the way they do. Do watch this movie if you have had a total and complete meltdown in your life and want to see something crazier than the already crazy in your life. Yet, be prepared to be disturbed ... the kind of laughing while crying while shredding paper kind of disturbed.

Recommended pairing: Strong Drink, raw vegetables with the grocery store stickers still on, watch while sitting on the toilet or while laying upside on the couch.

In fact, you know what?! You can watch this crazy thing for free through the Internet Archive:


  1. The best thing about that movie is that is stars a young Don Johnson. That and it is based on the writing of Harlan Ellison.

    1. Oh yes! Something I didn't mention earlier is that for a while the bar conversation was dominated by talks about Young Don Johnson! Many simply sat and marveled at that for a while. And I didn't know that it was based on Harlan Ellison writings. Thank you for sharing!