Monday, August 11, 2014

Dead Of Winter (1987)

Folks, not only do I write about horror movies but I'm also a professional artist and a published author. It's fun but none of these things pay well.

That's okay though, really, because I am also a business owner and I work for the federal government. It's fun but none of these things pay well.

No seriously, and my husband is a professional artist and opening his own musical instrument business. It's fun but none of these things pay well.

*Seriously* if you work in the creativity or public service world, you're likely going to be watching your pennies as closely as a cat watches that portable laser beam you throw all willy nilly across the living room floor.

But it's okay though - because I also love a good adventure! Adventure in this land could either be: "I'm totally going to sew this shirt sleeve back on my summer clothes because I got an interview tomorrow" to "I met this couple at the farmers market who said they would pay $8000.00 for one of my paintings".

Which brings me to today's movie review of Dead of Winter.

I stumbled upon this little '80s gem while taking a break from preparing for a joint art show with my Husband. The movie premise: actress desperate for work auditions for the ultimate role - Her Life!

At first I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, but I was quickly immersed and impressed. Thing is, I wouldn't totally call this one horror. I would call this one hell of a bad break for the actress! All kidding aside, I really wouldn't call it "Horror" but more"Thriller/Suspense". There are horror elements though. Think: The Godfather's Dead Horse scene, or if you are in fact a struggling artist. Also, the clever writing, sharp twists and turns, very good acting, and haunting scenery will keep you entertained through the duration of the movie.

For the comedian in you, there is plenty of 1980's clothing.

....Ug.... who let the 1980's style happen? I despised the '80s clothing/architecture/furniture during  the '80s....To top it off, some geniuses (American Apparel for one) tried to bring it back! NEVER AGAIN PEOPLE. Just Stop. Seriously. Stop it.

Back to the movie.

I enjoyed the movie. It's an excellent one to curl up to on a dark, stormy night or right before you have that vague audition with that sketchy company tomorrow.

Recommended pairing: champagne, or wine, or bourbon, or all of the above (which ever one you tend to break a leg to), Ramon noddles, or whatever you have left in the fridge until payday.

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