Sunday, August 31, 2014

To Get You In The Mood


Only one month away until my annual October Challenge! This will be the third anniversary of this event and I am so super excited. As in the previous two years, I will be watching a horror movie every day in the month of October.

However, this year I will be taking one day off, October 16th, as a birthday present to my non-horror movie fan Husband. That doesn't mean I won't have a post that day however, I've got plenty of Drafts in this here blog to last me a while.

Most of my movies will be obtained through my local movie store: Rain City Video, because I love this place, you should patronize your local small businesses AND I'm trying to watch every horror movie on their shelves. This is fun for everyone.

To get you all in the mood for this major event, I've supplied a very super scary on multiple levels GIF. You're welcome!

funny gifs

Happy Fall!

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