Monday, December 8, 2014

Haunt (2013)

Stumbled upon this one while unpacking from a summer of travel.

Normally I wouldn't choose this one to watch because I actually base a movie on it's cover. Not always books, but certainly movies.

The cover of Haunt :

This does not amuse or excite me. Based on this cover image I was expecting a typical, cheep story line with over-the-top creepy child ghosts crawling the walls in jerky movements - all of which is getting old for me.

And.... there is a little bit of all of that in this film....but not as much as I expected.

I was impressed with the opening scene. It was a little heart breaking and quite unsettling. And then the narrator added "...every ghost story starts with a house and a tragedy." SURENUF. I like where this powerful and chilling beginning is headed!

Although, it weakened a bit throughout the film (based on the powerful beginning), it didn't loose my interest and I really wanted to see where things were going. That said I can see where some enjoyed the film and others found it bland, or confusing.

I was confused at times:
  • Why is that teenage boy living in an attic when there appears to be a TON of great bedrooms in that huge house?!
  • The younger sister. Everything about the younger sister seemed unnecessary. 
  • The portrait in the closet. Um. That whole scene seemed unnecessary as well. 
  • Overall, there were points made in the film that didn't seem to fit anywhere - they were wayward and lost. 
However! This was still a pretty good ghost story! Creepy, sad, spooky, and strange. Although I suspected where some things were going, in the end it still surprised me.

This is a good venture for anyone in the mood for a creepy ghost story on a spooky, stormy night. It might not blow your mind but it's still time well spent. This all coming from a huge ghost story fan.

Recommended pairing:

Your comfort food as a teen, pajamas. Be sure to watch it late at night, preferably alone.

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