Friday, December 26, 2014

Long Weekend (1978)

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the pajama time. PAJAMAS. I'm living in my jimjams this entire holiday season and I couldn't be happier.

You know what goes great with a ton of jimjam time? Movies. Lots of movies.

I kicked off my vacation time watching Long Weekend at my brother's place on Christmas night.  It was the best, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the holiday.

So there we were - me, my Husband, brother, and my brother's friend, all snug on the couch, when my brother asked, "Should I bring out a blanket? Would that be weird?" No way, man! It was the cherry on top of this already great start to the evening. The four of us with a long weekend ahead, Christmas night, all curled up under this blanket, prepared to watch a movie none of us knew a single thing about is the best.

This is a beautiful, compelling film. There is little doubt that the increase in environmental awareness played a huge role in this one. In fact, although not a huge focus in the film world, this is one of the best nature-fights-back-because-humans films that I've ever seen. Long Weekend will leave you chilled and dumbfounded by both the plot and the cinematography.

That said, this is also a good film to share your inside voices to. Although we really enjoyed the film silently, we also really enjoyed pulling out some Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary skills. We had plenty of fodder to work with, most notably with the wardrobe and the husband's jaw-dropping jerkness. The jerkness played an important role in the film. The clothes, however, were a distracting reminder that we should never let the 1970s happen ever again.

This is a creature feature of nightmarish and triumphant proportions - and yet it is not, it's something totally different that will certainly haunt your conscience, likely for a lifetime.

There are scenes in this film that can not be unseen. There are implied images in this film that can not be unimagined. This film focuses on topics that could erupt into after-movie arguments, late night coffee house discussions, or help toss around a dozen cans of worms (don't litter though - pick up those cans and put them in the recycling).

Again, I couldn't have asked for a better holiday season, and in true Horror Habit fashion, I celebrated it all with a really bad ass horror movie.

Recommended pairing: organic, earth friendly, vegan products bought from your local farmer's market.

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