Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jug Face (2013)

Ah, another day of sleeping in till 9:00 AM, slowly roll out of bed ... and immediately watch a horror film.

Jug Face has been taunting me with it's ugly mug for a while now. Seeing as Netflix is going to cut it loose from its streaming options by the end of this month, I figured it was now or never.

Somehow it seemed it appropriate that I watch this one in the kitchen, barefoot, and baking. Baking actual homemade bread, that is. There are and happily never will be any other types of buns+ovens in this house. Nope. But I'm getting off topic here...

SO! Like I said, there I was, barefoot, in the kitchen baking some bread, watching Jug Face.

I can absolutely see why this film has been widely applauded and criticized. There are sharp, smart, and cleverly creepy elements in the acting, cinematography, writing, and character development. Unfortunately, there are also some plot holes and cheesy supernatural scenes (particularly with a ghost). I did not find these scenes overwhelming or a distraction from the film as a whole - I simply made a sad face and moved on.

Throughout the film I found myself grumbling at organized religions as a whole, I see most of them as the bully to progress and self respect, but Jug Face pulled a fast one on me as the movie was coming to close. I found I could no longer grumble at their particular religious customs (per se), but rather at the greater significance of the creature in the pit.

This movie brought to mind the 2010 Canadian film, The Shrine. They share some similar arguments for/against back-wood community religions.

I like those little plot twists, I guess you can say that I appreciate when my grumbling can be redirected then broken and disseminated into more diverse perspectives.

This is a damn fine disturbing and thought-provoking film. I'm glad I finally saw it. This is not a film for everyone though... please keep that in mind should you venture into this crazy little community. You're going to have to keep an open mind (see also: religions).

Recommended pairing: opossum or squirrel meat sandwiches. Homemade booze. You could also watch this while standing up in the kitchen, leaning against the sink, smoking a cigarette and drinking a breakfast beer. OR pack yourself a picnic and watch it outside, preferably alone and in the woods.

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