Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Babadook (2014)

This was a very much anticipated film in my friends and family circle.

Very. Much. Anticipated.

So when all interested parties finally had a free night, we gathered to share this movie watching experience together, in a penthouse, on the water.

You read right: we watched The Babadook in a penthouse on the water. I did not see this coming - neither did my two friends, a married couple who came into possession of such a gem by happenstance, kindness, and a knowing the right people.

I had envisioned watching this movie in the hobbit hole that is our home, or even in my brother's spooky ass building, but nope. We watched this movie in style.

Everyone came a way with a different perspective of the film than anticipated. Some thought they would like it quite a bit and ended up liking it A Lot, others visa versa. I'm in the latter category. 

First, the penthouse was distracting (in a good way) - but that's not the movie's fault so, actually, you can just scratch that view.  The cinematography was very impressive, but my husband couldn't stop complaining about the color usage so that interfered with my viewing pleasure a bit. And although I thought I would be rooting for the mother and child in the film, the character of the child became so incredibly annoying (this character aspect is intentional) that I began to root for the babadook. 

This movie surprised in ways that I didn't think it would, but I also had a few conflicting emotions roaming about my head while watching it so that was a surprise in itself.

This is a very good film, very good. BUT there were elements (both in the film and out) that I could and could not put my finger on that left me feeling less satisfied than anticipated. 

I think this movie would be best appreciated it you watched it alone with no interruptions and in your comfort space. I say this even though this movie is all about having your comfort space violated and living in a constant state of distraction. 

Again, the cinematography and scenery is very impressive. I love the mood lighting, color usage, and set design. The writing is bone-chillingly clever, and the acting is so good it may bring out a bit of parental madness in you. 

If you are a single parent of an abnormally troublesome child then you have my deepest sympathies. You may not have to watch this film, as your are probably already living it.

If you are not a single parent of an abnormally troublesome child then crawl on up into your happy movie watching place, late at night, alone, and prepare to experience something that will bring back some of those monsters under the bed nightmares from your youth. 

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