Saturday, February 7, 2015

Misery (1990)

Earlier this week I decided to finally read Stephen King's book: Misery.

Half way through the book I rushed over to Rain City Video and rented the movie, Misery. I just had to watch it again.

I was enjoying the book immensely and I hadn't seen the movie in years, so in all my brilliance I thought it would be a wise idea to watch this horror show while I still in the midst of it in the book. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this was a mistake because what I ultimately did was OVERDOSE on a whole lot of misery. 

The story line for both the book and the movie is so brilliant it's frightening - On Top Of It Already Being So Frightening! 

Synopsis: A famous author is in a car wreck. He is saved but also held captive by his #1 fan. The only thing keeping him alive is his ability to continue feeding This Completely Insane and Very Dangerous "nurse" snippets from the new book she is forcing him to write. 


But also: 

I understood the gravity of my mistake of watching the film while still reading the book when I returned to the book the next day and realized that I would have to relive the horror show all over again. On top of that, everyone knows that a book is more graphic and detailed than a movie so I also had that fun to look forward too... 

Lesson Learned!

Although the movie deviates from the book it doesn't deviate much (as far as the main plot goes), and I honestly love this movie just about as much as I'm loving the book. I'm just going to have to love it from a distance after I finish these last couple chapters because too much man, too much. 

The movie is very well done in all its shapes and sizes, and you'll be sure to curl up and cry a little with the captive author. You'll also likely reevaluate your presumed definitions of "a crazy person". 

And that's it. I need a really long hot shower or something now.

Suggested pairing: Hot hot hot soup. Keep your feet tucked under you. 

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