Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell (1987)

I've been seeing a lot of really great horror movies lately. Seemed high time I watched some wonderful and delicious super fun trashy camp.

I stumbled upon Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell in Netflix's Cult Horror Movie section. My initial response: "A movie about previews I like, but why in the world did they spell 'previews' like that?"

Already a huge fan of late night horror movie hosts, I thought this weird blend of horror movie host meets ventriloquist meets I'm-thinking-this-man-spends-too-much-time-alone-in-the-basement would be the perfect ingredient to cleanse the horror movie watching palate.


This host is weird, though. Uncomfortably weird and at times, I feel, inappropriate. For the ladies especially: you will know what I'm talking about.

That said, I really enjoyed the actual movie previews! I suppose this is good for Mad Ron, considering that the previews are the focus of the film... In any case, I saw trailers for many films I love, some I've heard about, and still many more that I now need to see for myself. For a full list of all the trailers featured, go here.

The movie moved through it's very lengthy list of previews with speed and efficiency, but I have to tell you, I got gored out. ME. I watch Hellraiser for breakfast and I became gore-weary by Mad Ron's 'prevues'! This movie showed so many famous (and not so famous) pillars of the macabre blood fest community, back-to-back, that I had to take a break for a moment. It didn't help that the exploitation of almost every women seen in this film quickly became a little too much for me. Little. Too. Much.

Although I am aware of the dated material, I had a hard time moving past all the social commentary nearly every film/trailer was saying about it's time, place, and hype of the era. That's right folks, I went political on a super campy movie hosted by a ventriloquist. I'm not sure what that is saying about me or the horror movies (or how many) I watch...

Moving on.

In all, this is a very fun film for most, and it is absolutely perfect for a drinking game. For instance, shots every time the omnipresent trailer voice tells you to remind yourself: "It's only a movie!" A swig of beer every time you hear: "Shocking!" or "Most Horrifying Film Ever To Be Seen!"

Wait. You know what. On second thought. Don't turn this movie into a drinking game. You'll not make it to the end, and someone might be heading to the hospital.

I highly recommend you watch with a large group. Popcorn, soda, beer, wine, snacks. Get all huddled around the TV and prepare for hilarity, eye rolling, hardy-har-hars, and a super outrageous blood bath to soak the day away in.

Again, I watched this through Netflix. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this campy 1980's nugget.

Check out this trailer, It will give a really good taste of what to expect:

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