Thursday, September 17, 2015

Creep (2014)

When Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass wrote Creep, I picture them sitting in a local bar during happy hour, telling jokes and talking about how creepy Craigslist can be. Then one of them says: " know what would be really creepy...?"

I seem to be hitting the jackpot with these found footage New Worst Best Friends Ever films (see also my review of Tin Can Man). This is another thoroughly entertaining movie that is sure to give you plenty of the "No, no way man - that's just messed up!"

I also really appreciate how absurdly funny this movie turned out to be. It's witty dark funny, though. Super witty dark. Dark. I got the impression that Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass had a hell of a lot of fun writing, creating, acting, and filming this one.

The story line is simple enough: man answers a Craigslist add to film a dude, and things spiral out of control from there. To my surprise, Creep is also an exceptionally well suited title - short and sweet that it is. 

The audience encounters a couple jump scares but mostly it's just a calm and winding stroll through a mad-riddled Creepville. Suspense builds quickly, but it's the blatant and unapologetic *creepiness* that caught me off guard and I found most entertaining. For instance, they make the word "peachfuzz" turn into something out of your worst childhood nightmare. Peachfuzz, folks. Peachfuzz.

I absolutely enjoyed this film. So much so that I kinda sorta want to watch it again right now. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there are plenty of foreshadowing gems hidden by clever evil genius throughout - just waiting to be found.

If you're looking for something unsettling, disturbing, unnerving, and with plenty of dark humor then I highly recommend you see Creep. Watch with someone who just started talking to you at the bus stop and now won't go away OR watch with some of your most trusted peoples. Will pair well with shots of whiskey or suspicious looking florescent drinks. Snacks: food designed to look like cute little faces or critters but turn out disastrously wrong. Like this:

The trailer below will give you an excellent idea of what this movie is about: 

I saw this film on Netflix streaming. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this fun and downright thrilling feature.

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