Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wake Wood (2010)

Work nicely suggested I go home today. I used up all my co-worker's Kleenex, rolled around the office as a giant blob of phlegm, and tried to act and sound normal but was fooling no one.

So... back to the health tea, soup, couch time - and horror movies. There are worse things in life...

This time, I'm turning to my Netflix Instant Queue for: Wake Wood. This is a 2011 Irish film that has received mixed reviews, from what I can see. The plot revolves around mourning parents who get a chance to spend some time with their deceased young daughter. I'm sure this will not be a heart warmer, and I suspect it will not be a hair raiser. Then again! I've been wrong before. Still, the plot is already very sad to me.

My husband is 'shoveling' me (his words, I assuming he's referring my mass of phlegminess) into bed, and I'm sneaking the lap top in with me. See you after the show!


This film is not bad, not bad at all. There were cheeky moments, and times where the editing office may have made one too many cuts, but over all I found it very entertaining, quite disturbing.

It felt like a little mix of opposite-day-Wicker Man and before-the-ground-turned-sour-Pet Semetary. And although this was a rather sad film in the beginning, by the end it was pretty full on horror. It was more bloody and less psychological than I expected. The characters were interesting but many still poked me with the "Why Did You Do That - What Are You Thinking?!" stick.

Absolutely not a good film for anyone who has lost a child. No. Really good film for anyone who likes The Wicker Man, Pet Semetary, and evil children movies.

Suggested pairing, might not want to eat during this film, actually.

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