Monday, August 3, 2015

Xtro (1982)

Some major things happened yesterday:

#1: I got heat sick. Bad. As in I probably should have called a doctor about it.
#2: I was asked by not one, but two different friends at two different times of the day, how they could locate the movies I reviewed.
#3: I discovered the completely awesome and insane British film Xtro (or X-tro as it's sometimes called).

Lessons I learned:

#1: The sun and heat is my enemy. Number One Enemy.
#2: I should really provide some sort of movie search tool.
#3: Everyone must see Xtro.


#1: Global warming.
#2: I watch most of my films by renting them from the local video store or finding them hidden in my obscure special interest Roku channels, such as CrypticTV, Cultorama, The Grindhouse Channel, and Midnight Pulp. Not exactly sure how available this movie search option is to non-Roku owners.
#3: Your mind will be blown. BLOWN.


#1: Explore ways to keep from boiling my insides - currently in progress.
#2: Alongside my recommended pairings, I'll inform readers where I watched the film, advise they rent from their local video store (because we gotta keep those babies alive!), and then provide either the GoWatchIt or WhereToWatch search tools.
#3: Watch Xtro. Watch It!

I spent several hours testing many different online movie search engines. I liked these two the best because GoWatchIt searches everything from Netflix (both streaming and video), to YouTube, to Crackle, and Viewster. While WhereToWatch provided more results when I searched for television shows. Both search engines also have a kick ass movie channel search. I highly recommend you check these innovative bad boys out.

Whew. Good grief, this is a link laden post.

So there you have it folks, it's going to take a little time to make this search option all fancy and pretty, but it's getting started here and now.

SOOOOOO, moving on to the movie:

I stumbled upon this beautiful B movie gem while browsing creature clips on YouTube. Someone cut the famous roadside scene of Xtro, posted a single image of it on the internets and claimed a "Skinwalker" was roaming New Mexico. The internets went wild.

Here's the news report about it:

Here's the famous Xtro roadside scene:

No doubt - that is one CREEPY CREATURE.

Famously insane creepy creature? Famously insane obscure B horror movie? I had to track this one down and watch it, stat (just as soon as I was able to function from my near heat stroke). The unfortunate thing about famously insane obscure B horror movies is that they are not always available to see right away. A first world on demand problem, I know.

I was only able to locate it on YouTube - a video watching option that I have conflicted feels about. But watch it I did and I fell madly in love with it. So much so that it will be in my movie collection ASAP.

After the movie I was immediately directed to the absolutely wonderful RedLetterMedia review: Best of the Worst Episode 3: The Killer Eye, They Bite, and Xtro. I also fell madly in love with this crew. Their review is hilarious, spot-on and very fun. I dare say, near word for word, we had the exact same reaction to Xtro (for example: " of the greatest films all of us have ever seen..."). Watch these guys watch this film:


If I hadn't already provided too many links, resources, videos, and information you probably didn't need, I'm going to top this whole post off by asking that you watch the Xtro trailer. I know I didn't really go into depth about the film itself but if you've seen the news clip, the roadside scene, the Best of the Worst review and then finally this trailer, you'll understand that it all speaks for itself.

Recommended pairing: Saturday night film fest with friends. Rent this one from your local video store or if you're lucky enough to know someone who's obtained the latest DVD release (which apparently has lots and lots of goodies) then, I'm jealous.

I hope you enjoy this film, folks. It's something to be seen:

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