Thursday, July 30, 2015

Monster Dog (1984)


What do we have here?! Looks like we have Alice Cooper battling some Italian Spanish werewolves that are hiding out in a remote mountain village. Yes, that's right folks. Need I say more? Probably not, but I'm going to anyway.

This movie opens up with a music video and that threw me off a little bit. Especially since the music video was so incredibly painful to watch. But that's okay because it also helped make Monster Dog so fun and wonky! Better yet! The fun and wonky never stopped!

This movie is a classic 1980's B horror film jam packed with everything you love about 1980's B horror films. We have terrible overdubbing, pretty hilarious music and background sounds, a bizarre and over-the-top setting, a thin but entertaining script, and all the classic nonsensical happy-go-lucky characters you could ask for. In addition to all that goodness, we've got a mighty interesting werewolf.

I say interesting because it's actually pretty gross and a little bit scary. I caught myself saying several times:

"Eeeeh gads! WHAT? Kill it with fire!"

The design of this creature is quite original, well done, Monster Dog.

My Husband does not understand nor appreciate these movies, so I try to watch them when he's asleep or away. Unfortunately for him he woke up to Alice Cooper drawing one (only one) INTENSE eyebrow on his forehead just before a werewolf attack .... aaaaannnndddd, wwwwweeelllll.... I couldn't talk him into finishing the film with me (to be fair, that was a strange scene to wake up to). You kind of have to start from the beginning with this one - that and really appreciate 1980's B horror.

This is an absolute must see with a group of  people. Please please please be sure everyone sticks with this one until the werewolf transformation scene at the end. It's....a....something else.

This is a straight up fun film for a fabulous Friday night. In fact, this would be a very entertaining Halloween party movie (if you're planing those sorts of things now... like I am....nothing strange here). Would pair well with super cheap beer or wine in a box. That said, Alice Cooper is a huge advocate for sobriety, so super super tarty lemonade or a hot cup of spicy tea would also work well. Deviled eggs, egg salad, or egg sandwiches cut into triangles (this is important) for a side.

Here's a super fantastic trailer for the film - to get you started!


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  1. The film is Spanish, not Italian. It is filmed in Spain, with Spanish actors and the original language is Spanish.