Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cat People (1942)

What a remarkable film!

Okay, so I had Netflix mail me a double feature (Cat People and Curse of the Cat People) because I'm a huge fan of two for one deals. I wasn't expecting two excellent films!

I approached this film expecting to be entertained by bad dialog, bad acting, and a bad story line. Bad in a cheesy good way, of course. Although Cat People had some cheesy moments, over all it was wonderful.

I quickly became absorbed in the story, despite the 'sexually active women who have feelings turn into monsters' message [I'm not amused raised eyebrow], and the moments of suspense and horror were captured so beautifully that I actually burrowed into my blankets a little more [I'm very amused raised eyebrows]. I'm speaking specifically of the rather famous pool seen. WATCH IT NOW:

You see what I mean? Did you ever think a cat monster would stalk you in an in-door pool late at night? I didn't think so. Kinda scary, huh? I KNOW. Little messed up, very creative - excellent work cast and crew.

A good deal of the dialog is hysterical quotable, but it works. And  you'll also laugh your way through scenes of everyday life in 1942, all of which are illegal now, and sigh, thankful all these things are illegal now. There is also a scene with a maid that transcends all categories except exceptionally hilarious. Don't worry, you'll know it when you see it.

Great film. Perfect for horror fans, classic fans, creature feature fans, and not too scary movie fans.

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