Monday, May 27, 2013

Head Trauma (2006)

So, I had some extra home-made pizza dough sitting in the fridge which needed to be eaten pronto. Rather than make more pizzas I decided to experiment - a lot. The experiments turned into a minor garlicky cheese explosion in the kitchen (oven). Delicious, but still a minor explosion. After cleaning up and digesting the goodness I decided it was time to settle down to a horror movie (like you do).

Movie of choice: independent film Head Trauma. The title somehow seemed appropriate for the day, and from what I gathered about the story line, this movie, although a little messy at times, came out wonderfully. Voted best indie feature in 2006 by Rue Morgue magazine, I decided to continue with the experimental day and give this movie a shot.

And my goodness, what a film. Although, I'll have to agree with some who said "'s a little rough around the edges..." over-all, this is a very entertaining movie. The plot is pretty unique, heartfelt, and horrifying. The basement scenes alone will certainly give you classic heebee jeebees, while the growling (that's right, growling) throughout the entire film will absolutely set you on edge until the end.

The dialog and facial expressions throughout the film are, how shall I say, a little funny without/with intending to be. At points I'm not sure which.

The scenery and cinematography is lovely - haunting - gross and lovely.

There is no gore just gross. There is no direct violence, just a good solid punch when it's needed.

The characters are engaging, even the typical jerk across the street in the blue tracksuit  Why always the tracksuit, jerks? Anyways...

I recommend this film for patient horror movie fans interested in psychological supernatural horror. Recommend pairing: an experiment - preferably something from Scranton, PA.

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