Monday, May 13, 2013

The Curse Of The Cat People (1944)

What a delightful film.

The title is misleading, however. A more accurate title would be: Visits of the Ghost 'Cat' Person. The Curse Of The Cat People is a delightful film about a six year old dreamer just looking for friends. This is a sad story, actually, and I would not categorize it as horror at all.

Having once been a young girl who's report card was covered in red "great student but day dreams too much" ink, I sympathized with this little nugget of gold. It can be very hard as a child, trying to reach out to parents and friends - trying to share day dreams, hopes, fears, and visions, and if that is the worst experience while growing up then you had a pretty good. But I digress.

This movie is all about growing. Simply, growing as a person. It's not a movie about wicked Cat People at all. In fact, the 'Cat Person' is really good, kind, and a friend to a lonely soul. I dare say it's a  love ghost story and a very beautiful one.

I'm very glad I watched these two films (Cat People, and Curse Of The Cat People) in chronological order. Had I watched this film before the first (Cat People), nothing would make sense.

Let me tell you a few things about this movie that will make you clap your hands and say "ya!" (once you see the film):

  • The Slap (you'll know it when you see it)
  • Edward (who's name in real life is Sir Lancelot)
  • The Main Character (the little girl)
  • Her friendship with her imaginary friend (The Cat Person)
  • The Mom and the Teacher (because...just remember, it's the 1940's - these two might blow your mind.)
  • Everyone else (you'll likely not say 'Ya' but you'll clap your hands and probably say "WTF!")

Watch this film with children. I believe it's kid-friendly and a wonderful film for the day dreamers - especially those with 'imaginary' friends or who simply see the world in another light. Have a fancy drink while your at it. Something special, delectable, and precious.

Everyone in this film is precious - breakable, delicate, sensitive and delightful.

You can watch it now through the Internet Archive!

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