Saturday, May 4, 2013

Maniac (1963)

Okay, well - nothing brings a bunch of small town French folk, an American, and a maniac together like cognac, a jukebox, dice, more booze, hot weather, horse rides on the beach, a mother after her daughter's love interest, and a breakout from the insane asylum. Wait. What? But of course!

This Maniac should not be confused with the 1980's film of the same title and directed by William Lustig, because they are not remotely the same... or are they...? I have no idea, I haven't seen the 1980's Maniac. No, seriously, I'm sure they are not remotely the same.

Moving on.

The film opens with an attack on a teenage girl, a sort of retaliation was made, and then an American showed up who ditched his girlfriend in the small French town - and the good ideas kept coming.

The movie moved a little slow for me and the suspense was so-so. Although I was surprised by some of the character's actions and decisions, the outcomes were not all that surprising. This movie was more of a suspense/thriller than full on horror. It is a pretty alright choice for Alfred Hitchcock fans.

The ending, I'm afraid, was a little hilarious because it was so over-the-top. I think it is worth noting that the young lady who survived the attack at the beginning of the film is the most well-adjusted and wisest person throughout the entire movie.

Suggested Pairing: cognac on the rocks, french bread, and plenty of cheese.

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