Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cathy's Curse (1977)

I Love This Film.

LOVE IT. Have you seen The Omen too many times and are looking for something new? Watch Cathy's Curse. The opening scene is still one of my jaw-dropping favorites. The rest of the film is so full of What The!?! moments that you'll  marvel at the craziness of it all and be fully entertained.

The DVD description: "After a terrible car accident twenty years ago killed his father and sister, a man returns to this family home with his wife and daughter. The daughter takes up residence in her deceased aunt's room and, after finding some of her possessions, becomes possessed by her spirit.  Soon strange happenings and mysterious deaths begin to occur in the household as the possessed girl lashes out at those around her".

In fact, this movie is so awesome and so strange that you need to watch it right now. You can thank me later. Right now grab a seat, a strange new beverage (such as smoked beer), and prepare to be dumb-struck:

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