Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Cold (1984)

This movie is so outrageous it is fantastic entertainment for any uneventful evening (or morning, or afternoon). Watch this movie any time of the day, preferably with a group of rowdy B-movie horror fans.

The DVD description: "Nine people are invited to a secluded mansion at the request of three millionaires  It seems the millionaires have invited these people to participate in a game, which involves their deepest fears, for a prize of $1,000,000. Each guest must face and survive their individual encounters in hopes of winning the money."

There are no real twists, just poor editing. There is very little suspense and horror but a whole lot of "What is happening?" The characters appear to have been pulled from the screen of a 1970s porno, and the plot, well, I have few words. The Cold aka The Game, is like a 3 year old's drawing of their parents: a bunch of blobs, colorful, parts of it probably got on the dinner table, now all the new crayons are broken, and why did you have to use the nice paper! Yup. This movie is something extra super special.

Recommended pairing: anything strong and fruity, enjoy with friends who have a strong tolerance for fruitiness.

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