Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Horrors Of Spider Island (1960)

I'm not sure what happened here, but if it is possible for a movie to be that terribly awkward person you met that one time and now they call you all the time because they want to be friends yet you can't take anywhere because they always always embarrass you AND break things at house parties then Horrors Of Spider Island would be it.

Also, this movie is so incredibly sexist one can only sit in awe. Here is the DVD description: "An airplane en route to Singapore carries with it a group of female dancers and their manager but unfortunately it crash lands in the ocean somewhere in the South Pacific. Having survived the crash  the dancers and their manager make their way to an uncharted island where they set up residence and spend their days lounging around and skinny dipping  When the manager is bitten by a strange spider, he is transformed into a spider-like man beast and begins stalking the dancers." WHAT IN THE...?

Grab some friends, your favorite beverage, and brace yourself for something that hopefully will never ever be made again. The actual movie:

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