Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Man In The Attic (1953)

Okay, so this movie is about Jack The Ripper rooming in the same house as a burlesque dancer. Not really....but really.

Here is what the DVD description has to say about the 1953 Man In The Attic: "A quiet pathologist rents out the attic apartment of a family in Victorian London. A series of murders involving showgirls has gripped the community and the landlady has her suspicions about the boarder. In the meantime, the family's daughter  herself a leading performer in a Parisian-style revue, becomes enamored with the shy pathologist."

The costumes are, to side-splitting hilarity, not representative of Victorian London. The burlesque - well it is just lovely. I'm not sure what burlesque is doing in Victorian London - but there you go.

Highly recommend for fans of 1950s burlesque, and/or cheeky film noir. Recommended pairing: a dirty martini, lots of them.

Hey, tell you what. Watch it now for free through the Internet Archive!

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