Saturday, January 5, 2013

Devil Times Five (1974)

Children, our future, our hope.

Except when they are evil and five of them have banded together to rid the world of mobsters. The movie description: "A bus transporting some children from a mental institution crashes, killing the driver and freeing the five youths on board. The youngsters make their way to a nearby resort hotel that is closed for the season but being used as a headquarters for a mob boss. The mobster and his entourage take in the youths for protection but are unaware of the homicidal tendencies the youths harbor inside them."

I spent most of the movie rolling my eyes at the sexism, yet was mildly amused by the remaining absurdity the Devil Times Five fostered. 

This is a fun film for a group of people to drunkenly yell and laugh at. Here, watch this trailer and see for yourself!

If you liked what you saw or just lost a bet, watch the entire film now through the Internet Archive!

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