Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shock (1946)

This is a lovely, absorbing, and chilling little film that I think deserves a lot more positive attention. With a nod to the Hitchcock horror, Shock will capture your attention and give your spine a mighty fine shiver.

The DVD elaborates: "A psychiatrist argues with his wife and, in a fit of rage, kills her. The psychiatrist discovers that the crime was observed by his neighbor and fears she will report him to the authorities. After the woman is unsuccessful in convincing her husband of what she saw, the psychiatrist approaches him and says she needs psychiatric treatment and she should be placed under his care". 

Everything about this description summarizes terror. For example:

#1:  Domestic abuse
#2: No Access To Rights and Protection
#3: Abuse Of Power
#4: The 1940's 

A great film for anyone who loves a mighty frighty thriller. Recommended pairing: Old Rasputin Stout and popcorn.

Watch now it for free through the Internet Archive!!

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