Saturday, January 5, 2013

Funeral Home (1980)

A movie that put the Fun in Funeral Home. This was a terrible film, horribly delightful. Approach it with no expectations and you will not be disappointed.

Although, if you are looking for a little background, here is what the DVD has said about its contents:

"A young woman arrives at her grandmother's place to help convert it over to a bed and breakfast inn from the funeral home which was operated by her recently departed grandfather. After completing the change and guests begin to arrive, the granddaughter hears strange noises from the basement and finds some of the guests have disappeared. Getting nowhere with the police, the granddaughter decides to get to the bottom of the mystery by going down to the locked cellar to see what's inside."

Complete with kooky characters, over-the-top scenes, and a plot that I suspect was concocted after several beers and very little sleep, Funeral Home is a good introduction for those unfamiliar with campy 1980s films. A great late Saturday night movie. Suggested pairing: MSG seasoned popcorn, a bottle of whiskey, and pajamas.

Let me get you started:

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