Saturday, January 5, 2013

The House By The Cemetery (1981)

This tell-all movie title still tickles me. When my Husband asked what I was watching I replied, "The House By The Cemetery. It's about.... a house by the cemetery." He did not join me in watching the rest of this surprisingly entertaining movie.

A House By The Cemetery is a rare and precious little gem lost in life's sidewalk free pile of horrible movies attempting to be cult classics. Although the quality is not great (the dubbed-over voices are nothing less than hilarious), the plot carries the viewers on a little twisted tale with strength and curiously spooky scenes.

One scene in particular involves a bat, a kitchen, and a hand. This scene begins with a start, continues on for an uncomfortable period of time until it becomes so absurd it's nightmarish.

Let me share with you what the DVD case had to say: "An eerie mansion holds some terrible secrets and ghoulish horrors for a family moving into the home. While the husband looks to complete a colleague's research, the wife and son are forced to deal with strange noises and mysterious locked rooms. Behind all these things is a bizarre figure with a lust for killing and a dark past".

I highly recommend this film for those of you who enjoy cult classics which are not really cult classics. In fact, make it a double feature night with one of Lucio Fulci's other movies, Don't Torture A Duckling.

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