Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cat's Eye (1985)

Written by Stephen King, Cat's Eye is a short story trilogy of terror that was a focal point for my childhood nightmares. I even convinced myself, when I found what appeared to be a very small sword in a friend's backyard, that little killer trolls were In Fact Real and they were after me.

Thus, I choose to carry a cat around whenever I could, and constantly cleaned my room to be sure no trolls would have a place to hide. There was very little argument from parents by this change in behavior. 

Although I'm not sure why I was allowed to watch this movie at such a young age, little killer trolls with swords continues to be a conversation starter (and laugh fest) at our dinner table. Especially when Dad pokes our ankles with toothpicks when the siblings are lounging on the couch. 

This is a fun film - although not a film for all families.

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